Mickeys Halloween Party Disneyland, CA

This was my 3rd year going to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party and yes I still love attending! I hope to carry the tradition of going every year til I die ☠️ With that said I’d love to provide any tips for those of you attending. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer from my own experiences!

  • MHP is a separate event. You need to purchase separate tickets from regular Disneyland tickets and park hopper tickets. This year it ranged from $79-$99.
  • I highly recommend attending the pre-party in Toontown! We were able to get photos of all of our favorite gang within 2 hours (Toontown is only open for 2 hours)

  • Dress up! MHP is one of my favorite events to go to because everyone dresses up and is there to have a wonderful time. Trust me when I say it’s not like regular Disneyland hours.. it’s magical! So dress up! Get a costume theme going with your friends, you won’t regret it.
  • Two rides that change during this season: The Haunted Mansion and Ghost Galaxy. The Haunted Mansion  transforms into a collaboration with Nightmare Before Christmas and is open until Christmas time. Ghost Galaxy is exclusively during Halloween month. Both are amazing, I’d definitely recommend riding on them if you’ve never been. The Haunted Mansion w/ Jack Skellington is great for kids because it’s also Christmas themed. Ghost Galaxy are more for teens/adults because the ride is a bit scary for kids. Also aim to wait a bit for these rides because they are the most popular during the parties.
  • Every other ride is probably a 5-10 minute wait so if you’ve been wanting to go on Peter Pan without waiting for over 1.5 hours, now’s the time!
  • If you have kids, dinner time is important, especially if you’ve been inside the park since 3:00pm. I think it’s important to note that not all restaurants are open during the party. Rancho del Zolcalo was not open when we went, so save yourself a trip from walking there! I’d recommend Pizza Port, there’s plenty of tables to sit down and take a breather, haha and if you have a little one that takes a small nap after some exciting hours, you and your partner can take turns riding Ghost Galaxy via rider swap pass.
  • The new frightfully fun parade and fireworks are worth the wait.
  • I would recommend waiting to trick or treat until the end. There’s tons of stations and they’re very generous with handing out candy so don’t feel rushed to do it all right away. If you leave trick or treating for your last hour I promise you’ll have enough candy. They also have alternative treats to candy like pirates booty, cheez-its, graham cookies, fruit rolls and even protein bars!
  • If you dig photopass, they’re doing a deal for all your photos for one day for $40. I’d recommend this if you have a ton of photos from the party. One 5×7 cost $12 to print at Disneyland just to reference.

I can’t wait to go again next year 🙂 Let me know in the comments if you have any comments or questions!



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