Half Moon Bay, CA

I can’t even remember the last time I went to Half Moon Bay. It’s past the city, about a two hour drive depending on traffic and when my friend scored $40 round trip tickets(thanks Jetblue!) to visit, I thought Half Moon Bay would be a perfect location. It’s got the coast, pumpkin farms (great fun entertainment for my 3 year old) and breweries!

First stop off the highway was Lemos Farms, a cute farm I’ve been wanting to visit ever since Emma was born. They have a free petting zoo (just $1 for feed if you want to feed them), these “pony party” rocking horses and cute photo ops all around the farm. We did buy train tickets ($4 each) and a ticket for a pony ride ($8) that Emma loved.

Next stop was Pastorino Farms which is right across the street from Lemos Farms. Both farms are so fun and great to visit, I’d recommend both. Pastorino Farms had a beautiful nursery that was eery and beautiful.

My friend, Nadine Cale !

We stopped by Half Moon Bay Brewery for a early dinner and we had to stop across the street for this view! Until next time!


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