Southern CA (and a note!)

I haven’t been updating as much because of recent health issues in our family. Most of my time and effort has gone into changing our diet, spending (most) of my money on supplements and better food and worrying about every detail. We did take a small trip to Southern California to take our minds off of things but I’m gonna try and update either A) about those certain health issues or B) more of my planning and day to day.

We got annual passes to Universal Studios but we weren’t able to do much because my daughter was too young- we’ll definitely be back though!

My little Gryffindor. Her birthday is the same as Hermione Grangers! (I refuse to think of this as a coincidence)

Honeydukes was a dream..

Also snuck a Disney trip in! Her first time approaching characters on her own. *cue mom tears*

Most genuine and my most favorite sisters ever.

Make sure to order the Funwheel at The Cove Bar in California Adventure- so good! And definitely a “I’ve spent my whole day at Disney as a parent” kind of treat 😉

My new pencil case/box is from isn’t it cute?! Right now they’re offering free gifts with $50/$75/$100 purchases. Check out their site for more info 🙂


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