Santa Cruz, CA

JUNE 9, 2016 A very great day at the beach. Emma’s first time to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and her second time at the beach.

My Shellie May bag got a lot of sun today.

Dole whip is a MUST! SO good and reminds me of Disneyland.

We got there a little bit late so by the time we were done hanging by the ocean, everything had closed but that meant great secluded-boardwalk-eerie photos…

We also visited Dig Gardens in Santa Cruz, CA. If you’re in the area it’s worth checking out if you love green! It’s about a 6-10 minute drive from the boardwalk.

Plants, vases, books, everything you could ever need about green!

Safety first! I bought a Hosta ($4.99) along with a new vase ($12.99) and the great thing is that it feeds off moisture so I don’t have to water it that often (but please don’t die on me).


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