Universal Studios Hollywood, CA (With My Toddler)




Last year Costco had Universal Studios Hollywood annual passes available for $109. When you look at prices online you can see that $109 is the average price per day at the park so we thought, why not? Our daughter was still the age you can go for free so we thought it would be cool to experience another park other than Disneyland every time we would visit Southern California to visit family.

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Mickeys Halloween Party Disneyland, CA

This was my 3rd year going to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party and yes I still love attending! I hope to carry the tradition of going every year til I die ☠️ With that said I’d love to provide any tips for those of you attending. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer from my own experiences!

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Southern CA (and a note!)

I haven’t been updating as much because of recent health issues in our family. Most of my time and effort has gone into changing our diet, spending (most) of my money on supplements and better food and worrying about every detail. We did take a small trip to Southern California to take our minds off of things but I’m gonna try and update either A) about those certain health issues or B) more of my planning and day to day.

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Menlo Park, CA

This week I really wanted to visit the Pace Art + Technology teamLab in Menlo Park, CA. It’s an exhibit with over 20 innovative digital art installations where you can immerse yourself in digital playgrounds. General admission is $20/$15 for students and you can buy them here. Each room was fascinating and they even had a kids “playground” in the back which was a huge hit with Emma. Palo Alto/Menlo Park is beautiful even if you just visit for a day. I would love to come back out here again. I hope you don’t mind some Boomerang posts, they were too pretty not to share!

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